Monday, March 12, 2012

Yong Ing Hui expands market share in tugboat and shipping business

Gimhawk Group sets up subsidiary company

by Wilson Kong Posted on November 11, 2011, Friday

GROWING BUSINESS: The tugboat that Gimhawk Group is building.
SIBU: Gimhawk Group has reached another milestone of sorts in the shipping business by opening a subsidiary company, Gimhawk Enterprise Sdn Bhd, at a commercial centre in Jalan Wong King Huo here yesterday.
The company provides all-round services to customers, such as shipbuilding, shipping, forwarding, ship repairing, marine engine, generator, heavy machineries and spare part trading.
Gimhawk Group founder and president, Yong Ing Hui, has a vision to achieve the title of a world-class builder of superb quality vessels with comprehensive safety equipment and advanced navigation system at competitive prices.  Its business has expanded to overseas with rising annual turnover since 2003.
With only a handful of workers initially, the number has grown to over 200 now.
In a press conference here yesterday, Yong said his success did not come easy as one might think.
“My wife and I have faced many setbacks in the past, the worst one was during the global economic crisis in 1997 when the company was officially set up,” he recalled.
“I must thank my wife, Lee Sui Eng, who is the financial director of Gimhawk Enterprise Sdn Bhd, for her support and patience,” he said, adding that during the severe economic crises in the 1980s, many companies here failed but not Gimhawk Enterprise.
Yong said transformation was vital to overcome hardships in any business.
“Any company in the service business must learn to transform to suit the changing time and to tap opportunities during a crisis. There is opportunity in every doldrum.”
He added that the two key elements in bringing his company to greater height were (right) ethics and attitude.
On a more personal note, Yong, who is a father of five, said it was his wish to have all his children going into the family business.
“My three sons and two daughters have returned to help us (in the business) after their graduation,” he said smiling, and thanked God for his success.
“We reciprocate by donating to the Shen Dao Methodist Church where we go regularly for praise and worship,” he sai

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